Our clients

Our clients trust in the competence and performance of svt - whether in new and existing buildings, in the industrial sector, public buildings or private property.
Here you will find a selection of our clients which we support with our services, products and systems.


Excerpts of our references

Summer Concert Hall Ureki near Batumi, Georgia

  • Opening of the concert Hall in July 2016
  • Fire protection systems: 1,200 PYRO-SAFE® Combi Bulkheads
  • partner: HESTIA Protection

Fire protection for tunnel in Gdansk

  • Celebratory opening of the tunnel Gdansk on the 24th of April 2016
  • 1,500 m long tunnel under the Wisla River in Gdansk, each of the two tubes contains two traffic lanes
  • 45,000 m² fire protection boards
  • PYRO-SAFE® systems

Fire protection in Mondi paper plant in Świecie

  • Cable penetration seals and cable coating have been instaled
  • 9,000 m² cable surfaces protected
  • System: Cable coating PYRO-SAFE® Flammotect-A

Safety for the 2014 Winter Olympics

  • construction of a total of 29 km tunnel in the venue Sochi
  • 80,000 m² PYRO-SAFE® AESTUVER tunneling plates
  • steel protection
  • joint sealing systems

Fire protection in SCG Group cement and paper plants in Thailand

  • cable penetration seals and cable coating have been installed
  • cable protection in electrical rooms, transformer rooms and cable tunnels
  • partner: Seri F.P. Co. Ltd.

svt protects tunnel in Qatar

  • Lusail City: new built town in the north of Doha
  • residential buildings for 200,000 people, office building for 170,000 people
  • infrastructure project: 13.6 km long utility tunnel
  • ca. 37,000 m² HV cable surfaces protected according to FM Approval Class 3971
  • System: cable coating PYRO-SAFE® Flammotect-A
  • partner: NAFFCO

svt upgrades new refinery construction in Portugal

  • one of Europe's largest refineries
  • capacity: 10 million t a year, or, putting it another way, 220,000 barrels a day
  • cables are protected with PYRO-SAFE Flammotect-A
  • partner: TRIA – Serviços, Materiais e Equipamentos, Lda.

Fire-protection for the tallest building in Switzerland

  • 126 metres high, 36 storeys and 39,500 m² of floor space
  • Systems: cable and multiple penetration seal solutions made by svt
  • partner: AGI AG für Isolierungen

First projects in Shandong province

  • The Shandong Province with a GDP of 3.1 billion Yuán (446 billion US dollars), Shandong Province is the second largest economy in P.R. China
  • projects included work for companies mainly operating on the energy sector in which the successful PYRO-SAFE® FLAMMOTECT-A cable-protection system was installed at several plants and power stations
  • partner: Qingdao Sheng Rui Fang International Trade Co. Ltd.

svt applies coating according to FM Approval at Kraft Foods Germany

  • Kraft Foods: the world's second-largest foods manufacturer selling brands like Jacobs, Onko, Café HAG, Philadelphia, Miracel Whip, Mirácoli, Milka, Daim, Toblerone and Oreo
  • fire protection upgrade of the plant Holzhafen
  • ablative coating PYRO-SAFE® FLAMMOTECT-A
  • according to FM Approvals Class 3971

Safety is a high priority for Volkswagen

  • Volkswagen: the largest automotive company in the world measured by revenue
  • new computer centre building at the Volkswagen headquarters in Wolfsburg
  • covers two storeys which integrates the latest IT technology on 2,000 m²
  • cable and pipe penetration seals

Fire protection for shopping center in Leverkusen

  • roughly 120 trade stores, cafés, restaurants and service businesses on 3 stories and across a sales area of 22,600 m²
  • glass rotunda that stretches across two stories and 5,000 m²
  • 950 workplaces
  • 30,000 visitors per day
  • cable and pipe penetration seals R90/S90, PYRO-SAFE® Flammotect bulkhead COMBI S90, Mortar bulkhead S90, cable ducts, cable bandages and fire protection blankets F90

svt Fire protection products for Qatar

  • largest projects: a dam road that is intended to lead into the United Arab Emirates, a bridge to Bahrain, new property projects with 180 new buildings within the next three years, Doha International Airport as well as the harbour and the Ras Laffan industrial estate
  • PYRO-SAFE® fire protection solutions have been applied in various projects, e.g. cable protection PYRO-SAFE® Flammotect-A and penetration seals PYRO-SAFE® Flammotect Bulkhead in various substations
  • partner: NAFFCO