Fire Protection

PYRO-SAFE Universal fire stop system


Fire Stop system made of mineral fibre boards and an intumescent coating for all kinds of cables and pipes as well as for combustible and non-combustible pipes in several construction and implementation options.


High-quality system for penetrations through massive walls and plasterboard walls as well as for floors.

Fire protection features

Up to 4 hours integrity and insulation

Applicability certificate

Tested and approved according to national
and international standards as e.g.:
DIN 4102, EN 1366 and BS 476
other standards on request


Fire resistant and smoke tight, water tight, and proven functionality even after 30 years.

Permissible services

For all kinds of cables and pipes, fibre optic light guides, cable bundles, trays and pipe penetrations.

Particular points to note

Installation and handling permitted only in accordance with the approval, the installation instruction/technical drawings and trained specialists!

Retrospective installation

The subsequent installation of cables and pipes is (according to the approval) easy to handle and possible with a basic tool kit at any time.

Preliminary building work

None in massive walls and floors. Installation even in plasterboard walls in post- and beam construction (bulkhead dimension as per approval). Before the installation in plasterboard walls in post-and beam construction, the reveal has to be closed according to the approval.

Dimension using the example of DIN 4102 (Germany)

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