Fire Protection

PYRO-SAFE CT fire stop system


The simple penetration sealing system with just one ‚click‘ for existing cable and conduit transits and new installations, comprising 2 half-shells with an inner lining of PYRO-SAFE DG-CR SK firepro of fabric, 2 plugs, and a seal with ablative fireproof coating. The cable tube has an outer dia. 116,4 mm and an inner dia. 107 mm. Fire rating EI 30 - EI 120 in accordance with DIN EN 13501-2.


Fire stop system for sealing cable penetrations in plasterboard walls, solid walls and floors.

Fire rating of components

Up to 2 hours integrity and insulation according to EN 13501-2

Applicability certificate

Approved by Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik, Berlin (DIBt). ETA -13/0821


Resistant to fire and flue gases; forms a layer of expanded-graph itebased insulating foam in the event of fire. Outstandingly easy to install.

Permissible services

Depending on design, services such as electrical cables and conductors (excluding so-called waveguide cables) and fibre-optic cables of diameter up to 80 mm, cable bundles of diameter up to 107 mm with individual cables of diameter up to 21 mm and cable conduits of diameter up to 32 mm with and without cables and PVC-U conduits (U/U) with diameter up to 32 mm can be protected. 100% of the tube cross section can be filled with the permissible servises.

Particular points to note

Must only be fitted and used in accordance with the installation  instructions.

Retrospective installation

Cables and conductors can be installed at any time without difficulty using basic tools.

Fire ratings for wall and floor penetrations

Fire ratings depend on structural elements, configuration and length of PYRO-SAFE CT

Systembild PYRO-SAFE CT Abschottungssystem mit Klickverschluss

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