Fire Protection

PYRO-SAFE Cable coating on water based dispersion


Coatings on water based dispersion. The coatings prevent the flame propagation on cable systems.


Universal protective coatings, may be used for cables and cable trays in horizontal und vertical position to prevent the fire spread in case of fire from outside.

Fire protection features

Up to 1 hour according to IEC 60332-3

Applicability certificate

Tested and approved according to national and international standards as e.g.:
DIN 4102, IEC 60332, EN 50266 and FM 3971, SOLAS,  
other standards on request


Solvent free, partly absorbing the resulting HCI gases, minor hindrance of
the heat transfer on energized cables. Proven functionality even after 30

Solvent free, minor hindrance of the heat transfer on energized
cables,resistant to moisture, freeze-thaw cycling, UV-light and several oils
and chemical substances.

Permissible services

For all kinds of cables, cable bundles and trays.

Particular points to note

PYRO-SAFE FLAMMPOPLAST KS 1 is an intumescent protective coating for inside use.
PYRO-SAFE FLAMMOTECT-A is an ablative coating for inside and outside use.
Installation and handling permitted only in accordance with the approval, the installation instruction/technical drawings and trained specialists!

Retrospective installation

The subsequent installation is possible at any time.

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