Fire Protection

PYRO-SAFE Bag Sealing system


Variable sealing system made of fire protection bags for electric cables and power lines of all types. Fire resistance class S 90 acc. to DIN 4102-9.


Variable sealing system for cable penetration through massive walls, plasterboard walls (≥ 10 cm) and floors (≥ 15 cm).

Fire protection features

Up to 1½ hours integrity and insulation according to DIN 4102-9.

Applicability certificate

Approved by Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik, Berlin (DIBt).
National technical approval No.: Z-19.15-819 - PYRO-SAFE Bag


Fire resistant and smoke tight, space-enclosing, simple handling, can be reused multiple times.

Permissible services

For all types and diameters of cables (except waveguides), fibre optics, cable bundles and cable trays.

Particular points to note

Installation and handling only permitted in accordance with the approval, the installation instruction/technical drawings.

Retrospective installation

The subsequent installation of cables is (according to the approval) easy to handle and possible with a basic tool kit at any time. 

Preliminary building work

Before installation in floors, fasten steel wire mesh to the bottom of the floor as a safeguard from falling out. Installation permitted even in plasterboard walls (dimensions as shown in the table on the right). Before installation in plasterboard walls, seal the reveals according to approval. For wall thicknesses < 16 cm arrange supports on the lower reveal according to the approval. If necessary, attach a removal guard (e.g. wire netting).


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