Fire Protection

Nuclasit fire stop system


Special mortar sealing system with radiation protection requirements for all types of cables as well as non-combustible pipes. Also suitable for filling door frames.


Special mortar sealing systems for cable penetrations and non-combustible pipes as well as door frame filling in nuclear facilities, reprocessing plants and plants with radiation protection requirements in
accordance with radiation protection ordiance (StrlSchV) and X-Ray ordiance (RöV).

Fire protection features

Up to 2 hours integrity and insulation

Applicability certificate

Fire protection

  • Approval CTICM 98 H 340 (France)
  • Test Report MA 39-F 1417/85 (Austria)
  • Test certifikate 11647 DI N° 27 (Italy)

Radiation protection

  • Nuclear Research Centre Jülich – BS/B 85/1 (Radiology)
  • Nuclear Research Centre Jülich – 12/85-ZFR-A4 (Attenuation measurement)
  • Test engineering building materials testing institute – 01.41.1968.85 (Pressure resistance)


Fire resistant and smoke tight, temperature depleting, space-enclosing, splash-proof, resistant against hose stream pressure.

Permissible services

Electric cables and power lines of all types and diameters, fibre optics, cable bundles and cable trays. Non-combustible pipelines made of steel, cast iron or copper.

Particular points to note

Installation and handling only in accordance with the approval.

Retrospective installation

The subsequent installation of cables and pipes is possible. Remaining openings for additionally installed cables are closed with NUCLASIT 2.4.

Preliminary building work

None. Pipelines with axial movements must be encased with studded plate in the bulkhead area. The joint must be filled with mineral wool on both sides to a depth of 40 mm (building material class A1, melting point ≥ 1000°C) and sealed elastically with PYROSAFE BIOFERM S.

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