Fire Protection

PYRO-SAFE FLAMMOTECT-A solid emulsion - endothermic


Endothermic, weather-resistant fire protection coating for cables and penetration seals. Particularly suitable for thick dry film thicknesses.

Fields of application

Universal applicable fire protection coating for indoor and outdoor use. Approved weather-resistant product for cable, pipe or combined penetration sealings. Universal protective coating for cables and cable supporting structures to prevent a fire spread caused by an external fire source.

Fire rating of systems

Up to 4 hours

Applicability certificate

Tested and approved according to national and international standards as e.g.:
other standards on request

Product features

Solvent-free and non halogen, elastic, resistant to moisture, freeze-thaw cycling, UV-light and several oils and chemical substances.


• Application possible with brush, fi lling or airless spraying machine.
• For spraying method (nozzle orifi ce > 0.019 inch = 0.48 mm): Mixing with max. 2% water.
• The surface has to be dry, dust-free und free of grease.

Ordering information

PE-pails of 12.5 kg and 15 kg


Protect the product from frost!
Cool and dry (+5 °C up to +25 °C).

Safety instructions

Please refer to our MSDS (safety data sheet).

Technical data

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