Fire Protection



Fire protection fabric used as pipe wrap.

Fields of application

Fire Protection fabric used as pipe wrap for combustible pipes.

Applicability certificate

Approved by Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik, Berlin (DIBt).

• ETA 16/0268

Other standards on request.

Product features

PYRO-SAFE DG-CR BS  is a flexible fabric composite fibre glass reinforcement with intumescent coating PYRO-SAFE DG on both sides.  
When exposed to heat or fire it forms a microporous, heat insulating foam on the inside, which fills the space between the building component and the fabric, thus limiting the spread of fire.


• Processing temperature + 5°C – max. +50 °C; < + 5°C Loss of flexibility; < 85% relative air humidity.
• (Pre-)cut with ordinary cutting tools, e.g. scissors or utility knives.

Ordering information

Length: 10 m rolls
Width: 100 mm
Colour: anthracite / red
Nominal thickness: 1,5 mm
One roll carton-packed


Dry indoor.
Protect the product against compression load.

Safety instructions

Please refer to our MSDS (safety data sheet).

Technical data

Produktbild PYRO-SAFE DG-CR BS Brandschutzwickel für brennbare Rohre

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