Fire Protection

PYRO-SAFE Dekorlack SP 2 topcoat


Fields of application

PYRO-SAFE Dekorlack SP 2 is used as a topcoat for PYRO-SAFE FLAMMOPLAST SP-A2 (steel protection) and/or PYRO-SAFE FLAMMOPLAST KS 1 (concrete protection).

Product features

Solvent-free , yellowing resistant, fast drying and abrasion resistant. Reacts selfextinguishing. In case of fi re PYRO-SAFE Dekorlack SP 2 generates a heat-insulating foam layer in combination with PYRO-SAFE FLAMMOPLAST SP-A2 and/or PYRO-SAFE FLAMMOPLAST KS1,.


• The surface has to be free of contaminants.
• Product needs to be stirred well.
• Application possible with brush, paint roller or airless spraying machine.
• For spraying method: (nozzle orifice > 0.013-0.017 Zoll = 0.33 -0.43 mm) or compressed air (nozzle orifice ≥ 1.5-2.0 mm).

Ordering information

PE-pails of 12.5 kg and 15 kg


Protect the product from frost!
Cool and dry (+5 °C up to +25 °C).

Safety instructions

Please refer to our MSDS (safety data sheet).

Technical data

Produktbild PYRO-SAFE Dekorlack SP 2 Decklack für Stahl- und Betonbeschichtungen

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