INTERSCHUTZ held in Hanover from 8 to 13 June 2015

INTERSCHUTZ, with the red rooster, a symbol of fire, as its logo, is the international exhibition on rescue, fire prevention, disaster relief, safety and security. Held every five years, it is organised jointly by Deutsche Messe AG, the German Fire Protection Association (GFPA), the German Firefighters Association (DFV), and the German Engineering Federation (VDMA). This year's INTERSCHUTZ was the largest to date and attracted the highest number of visitors ever. Around 1,500 exhibitors from 51 countries presented their companies and products under the slogan "Destination: future!".

The six diverse and exciting days at INTERSCHUTZ were a great success for the svt Group.

Our bright and inviting 150 m² double-decker exhibition stand in Hall 13 was a real eye catcher, attracting visitors to engage in conversation with our team. All svt business divisions were present in the exhibition area, and booth staff were happy to answer questions on a wide range of topics and issues.

The Damage Restoration team provided information on the restoration of damage from fire, water, natural hazards and pollutants. A screen showed the brand-new animation on the removal of asbestos using the BIA BT 17.4-compliant svt sanding method.

Two installation ducts had been integrated in the exhibition stand, to illustrate backfilling by svt, before and after. Thanks to endoscopy technology, visitors could look inside one of the ducts to see its status and configuration. The other duct had been three-quarters backfilled with a special rock wool and could be viewed through an acrylic glass window. Backfilling of installation ducts is a low-cost method of retrofitting fire protection to upgrade existing buildings. It prevents the spread of fire and smoke to other parts of the building in the event of a fire. In addition, ducts with svt backfilling have better heat insulation and effective soundproofing properties, and backfilling also prevents the spread of odours.

Our sales subsidiary in Germany, b.i.o. BRANDSCHUTZ GmbH, presented their comprehensive range of fire protection products in front of a concrete-look wall. Sales staff offered pieces of birthday cake to celebrate it’s 40th anniversary.

For many visitors, particularly international guests, another attraction was our miniature-scale fire test, using wooden sticks coated with our PYRO-SAFE DG coating. This is always an impressive demonstration of how this product works.

We also presented a world first at our stand, the PYRO-SAFE® DG-CR LS cable bandage. This product's special properties include reduced smoke production and release of energy in the event of a fire as per German standard MLAR. The cable bandage can be used inside buildings to prevent or delay the spread of fires. It also serves as a firestop in the event of short-circuits of cabling or exposure to fire from the outside.

But the real crowd puller, a very special highlight, was the virtual presentation of our products and systems on iPads, in augmented reality.

An iPad app guided visitors across our virtual exhibition stand, providing additional information on the individual business divisions.

In the virtual Fire Protection section, for instance, visitors could view firestops for walls, floors and floor concepts, or a cable tray with standard configuration when they lowered or tilted the iPad. "Exploding" the firestop offered a more detailed view of the individual fire protection elements. To design a custom firestop, visitors could configure a wall penetration with a selection of cables and pipes and would then receive a recommendation for a suitable svt system. The product details of all firestop parts could also be accessed via the iPad.

By moving towards the virtual b.i.o. BRANDSCHUTZ GmbH section of the stand, different product groups appeared on the iPad. These opened at a tap, providing visitors with more information about the individual products.

And next to the integrated ducts in this virtual exhibition stand, visitors could play our video about svt installation duct backfilling.


Given the very enthusiastic reception of this new form of presentation, we will certainly continue to rely on this system.  

Exhibition participation exceeded all expectations, said svt CEO Holger Koch: "We had many inspiring discussions, forging new contacts and strengthening existing business relationships. The personal contact with our customers brought us valuable suggestions for the future and plenty of positive feedback on our work to date. We very much look forward to future projects and orders."

Throughout the eventful exhibition week, we welcomed many visitors from around the globe and would like to take this opportunity to thank all customers, guests, helpers – and, not least, our own staff for their commitment.

The next INTERSCHUTZ exhibition will be held from 15 to 20 June 2020 at the Hanover Exhibition center, at the same time as the 29th German national firefighters' conference.